TODAY's MENU - Saturday, August 23rdTODAY's MENU - Saturday, August 23rd

Its as simple as ABC - roasty, salty Almonds, dried Blueberries, dark Chocolate. A little bit salty, even a little bit savory but still sweet of course, this cookie, I believe has that elusive flavor of umami.

Apricot Pistachio Doodle

Loosely based on a Snickerdoodle, this baby does have cinnamon sugar but its also perfumed with cardamom and of course the wonderful tartness of dried apricot and the crunch of pistachio.

Bette's Cornmeal with Dried Figs and Rosemary

Inspired by a delicious pancake at Bette's Oceanside Diner in Berkeley, California, I knew I had to come up with a cookie version. Buttery organic cornmeal jazzed up with the flavors of the season - sometimes it is sundried blueberries and lemon. Other times dried cranberries and orange. Or maybe sundried pears, currants, and brandy. Or...........

Black Pearl

This little gem is a cocoa sandwich cookie that hides a filling created with raspberry jam and aged imported balsamic vinegar. The filling and the cookie kind of meld to become one, creating a lovely combination of flavors. Seasonal: Easter.

Black Velvet

"OMG". That was my first reaction to biting into this cookie. Mint infused cream is mixed into a dark chocolate dough and the result is the smoothest, richest, better-than-peppermint-patty cookie I've tasted. Even after it was gone I probably sounded a bit like Sally in the famous diner scene - "yes, yes, YES!".

Booty Bar

Some might say that this cookie is over the top; even hedonistic. I say "life is short; enjoy every Booty Bar!" Layers of shortbread, dulce de leche, rice krispies, nutella, and flourless brownie combine to recreate a candy bar from my my childhood. Over the top, hedonistic, PERFECT. (For the best Booty experience: eat these COLD.) Featured on the Food Network's Unique Sweets.

Bourbon Ginger Ale

Small in size, huge in flavor: Maker's Mark bourbon, Jamaican ginger ale, a hint of lemon - my favorite cocktail perfectly transformed into a crunchy, delightful, adult cookie.

Brazen Betty: Chocolate Almond w/Cherries & Sea Salt

Betty knows nothing about being polite. She will leave you smeared in chocolate and lusting for more. The best Belgian chocolate, fleur de sel, toasted almonds barely held together with a bit of butter, she's sweet, she's salty and she's gonna have you wrapped around her little cookie finger.

Brigitte Bar

A blondie, named after that most famous of blondes (at least most famous to my adoring partner), the Brigitte bar is sweet and salty, chewy and rich. Macadamia nuts and white chocolate combined with browned butter make it irresistible.

Bump + Grind

This lumpy bumpy cookie is chewy, sweet, salty and undeniably sexy: butterscotchy from an infusion of Lyle's Golden Syrup (that British elixir of happiness), macadamia nuts add crunch and salt, oatmeal and sundried apricots give it a big chewiness, white chocolate for sweetness, dark bittersweet chocolate for depth. Add your imagination for that sexy, seductive sway.

Carrot Cake

We've all had carrot cake so this doesn't need alot of introduction. Still.... my version has dried pineapple, coconut, raisins, and walnuts. Then two cookies are sandwiched around a big wad of delicious cream cheese icing. This is one of the few cookies I sell singly (no one seems to want to share!). Sorry - this one can't be shipped.

Cayuga Corn aka HASH

This cookie is born of my love of corn hash. Freeze dried corn, black pepper, and Hungarian paprika combine for a salty, sweet, very corny cookie that is a surprising delight. I am grateful for Christina Tossi's input as this cookie riffs on her Corn Cookie for Momofuko Milk Bar. If you aren't eating this one you are missing out.

Chai Spice

A customer thinks I should call this cookie "jewel and spice" because the light coating of raw sugar that encrusts this cute domino shaped cookie not only gives it a bit of sweet crunch but makes it sparkle like a gem. Perfect partnered with a cup of tea.

Chocolate Chip

This is the classic chocolate chip cookie with walnuts. I can take one look at a cookie – particularly a chocolate chip cookie - and know if I want to eat it. This is the one I want. Awarded best Chocolate Chip cookie in America by both Food and Wine magazine and Fox news.

Chocolate Fleur de Sel

Cocoa, bittersweet chocolate, butter and french sea salt. Add a bit of flour and that's the whole shabang. How can you go wrong with that? This is the creation of the amazing Parisian pastry chef Pierre Herme as documented by American author Dorie Greenspan.

Cinnamon Girl

This girl has stolen my heart - she's a long, lanky stick bejeweled with shards of white chocolate. One of the ways I measure a great cookie is by the aftertaste; this one has exactly what I'm looking for: sweet, a bit of spice, buttery, vanilla. Cinnamon girl can stand alone or play soul mate to a scoop of gelato (chocolate would be DIVINE!) or a cuppa joe.

Cinnamon Hazelnut

I LOVE these cookies! Simple enough for the pickiest child, sophisticated enough for the most discriminating foodie. Shortbread made with hazelnut flour and of course cinnamon, so buttery they melt in your mouth. On occasion to I gild the lily by sandwiching them with a chocolate hazelnut filling. Plain or filled they are a personal favorite.

Cranberry Spice

This is a seasonal cookie - a holiday winner of sun dried cranberries, cardamom, crystallized ginger, walnuts, and fresh orange. Its rolled in a bit of cinnamon sugar before baking to add a final bit of spicy warmth. Get them while you can - Thanksgiving through Christmas ---.

Crazy Lady

I love oatmeal cookies. LOVE them. I think of them as the "healthy but delectable" cookie. This one really captured my heart even though I can't really call it "healthy": freshly ground coffee beans, dried cranberries, chocolate chips, marshmallows, and because I love crunch: Rice Krispies. The smell alone is intoxicating but the texture.....ah, heaven.

Creamy Coconut

Simple but seductive, this little charmer is a bit of a chameleon - at the holidays it may sport the bright color of sun dried cranberry or cherries. At other times you may find it with sun dried blueberries or apricots. What doesn't change is the trilogy of organic unsweetened coconut, butter, and cream cheese - rich, mellow, smooth.

Dad's Butter Pecan

My dad has a problem. He has to have his bowl of butter pecan ice cream every night! This cookie is my rebuttal – crisp with an almost butterscotch flavor and then topped off with a whiskey glaze. He’s not giving up his ice cream but with a cookie on the side... heaven!


Black as sin, spicy as the devil, this cookie will wake up even the most jaded monster's taste buds. Cocoa and bittersweet chocolate combined with cayenne pepper, cinnamon, and black pepper with a velvety texture, Diablo looks so innocent but its naughty. Being bad tastes so good. (Little known fact - this cookie was a Food Network/ Unique Sweets pick but there is only so much air time so it was edited out in favor of Booty Bars and Strawberry Margarita. This is a fabulous cookie!)


This is a chewy, spicy ginger cookie – not a gingersnap. It is flavored with cinnamon, ginger, allspice, molasses, and enhanced with lots and lots of organic crystallized ginger. This cookie leaves a lovely aftertaste - which usually means that you end up reaching for yet another one! I know I'm not supposed to play favorites but this is my 'desert island' cookie. I never get tired of it and it seems that my customers don't either: year in and year out, Ginger remains the number one best seller for VLC.


This little gem is almost as darling and sweet as my three year old niece. Its small for small hands, vanilla with a dusting of nutmeg, crisp, charming in its innocence. When I place these on the counter next to the Diablos I always have a fleeting notion of Angels and Demons.

Grant's Chocolate Chunk

After months of "can't you make a chocolate chip without nuts?" (it got to be like the "are we there yet?" of the cookie world) I finally relented. Grant's does not have nuts but it does have browned butter for a bit of nuttiness and some ground oats for chew. I have to admit that I should have done it sooner!

Honey Sesame

Most people think of sesame seeds as a topping for a hamburger bun. You may be surprised by the rich nutty taste of this sassy little cookie. Slightly reminiscent of a peanut butter cookie but with a more charming honey / floral thing. Sweet and salty, fun and grown-up, this cookie may become an addiction.

Lavender Blueberry Shortbread

Shortbread is a favorite of my sweetheart's so of course its important to have around. I vary the flavors to keep it interesting and him interested. The tricks of the trade you know. You might find Meyer Lemon Pine Nut or Espresso Walnut or Lavender or Green Tea Pistachio or or or....

Lemon Lucy

This darling cookie is a VLC original (as are all the Lucys). Almond paste makes for a wonderful chewy texture while the big HIT is lemon – there is nothing subtle about a Lucy. Big lemon flavor is created by a combination of lemon zest, juice, oil, and sugar. If lemon is your thing – as it is mine, you will be very happy.

Lime Maple Sugar

This is one special cookie – usually lime cookies don’t really taste much like lime. That’s because no one wants to go to the trouble of using real limes. VLC’s cookie has fresh lime juice and fresh lime zest as well as lime oil for a big citrus hit. Then to add something special, I’ve rolled it in raw sugar to create a crunchy delicious border.

Milk Stout Beer Brownie

A St. Patrick's holiday offering starring Milk Stout from Left Hand Brewing. Its fun but the truth is that the flavors of this brownie - vanilla, brown sugar, coffee, molasses, and of course luscious dark chocolate - are so good that I'd be happy to eat it any time of year.

Mint Chocolate Chip

What's better than mint chocolate chip ice cream? Mint chocolate chip cookies, flecked with pretty bits of fresh mint and studded with bittersweet callabaut chocolate. Be careful: they are kind of like french fries- you can't eat just one.


Nothing satisfies in the summer like a Mojito cocktail - rum, mint, lime. The bakery isn't licensed to sell alcohol though so those flavors will have to go into a cookie. You add the sunshine.

Mom's Addiction

Every time I go for coffee with my mother she orders the same thing: cappuccino with almond syrup. So one day while watching my niece devour a Lemon Lucy, I thought of my mom. Lemon Lucy's are full of almond paste. Wouldn't a coffee flavored Lucy be yummy? Oh yes. Really. Now I have an addict on my hands.

Oatmeal Raisin

A chewy, cinnamon-y oatmeal cookie with both golden and black raisins. My breakfast on many occasions – hey, its oatmeal, its got to be good for you right?

Pumpkin with Maple Cream Cheese

This cookie belongs to a series of delicious whoopie pie meets cupcake meets cookie. The carrot cake was the first to appear, then inspiration took hold and along came Pumpkin, then Banana Buckwheat. Who knows what will come next? Bottom line: two moist, delicious, flavorful cookies with a wad of rich creamy filling squashed between them. How good is that?

Queen of S'mores

Let's face it: a s'more is always a letdown. The graham cracker is dull, the marshmallow torched, the chocolate inferior. But I've fixed all of that and that is why this bar is called the Queen. Its a graham flavored shortbread slicked with milk chocolate that gets covered in marshmallows and then toasted. On top of that there is a flourless brownie and another layer of shortbread. All the flavors of a s'more but so much better!

Raspberry Lemonade

You know its summer when this cookie is for sale! Sweet and tart, soft and chewy, with little flecks of freeze dried raspberries, this cookie will make you want to run through the sprinkler in your bathing suit!

Sadie's Salty Sassy Sesame

Cookie mamas aren't supposed to have favorites but right now Sadie"s is rocking my world. Super crunchy, with a seductive nutty smell, and a dusting of smoky salt, I'm not sure if I most want it with a bowl of vanilla ice cream drizzled in honey or dipped in melted dark chocolate or just plain as an afternoon snack.

Solstice Oat

A captivating oatmeal cookie jam packed with dried cranberries, toasted pecans, and chocolate chunks. A request from Grant (of Grant's Chocolate Chunk) but I couldn't resist the nuts! The name? Well, it is a winter cookie so it comes around with the winter solstice. But more romantically it gets its name from my sweetheart's teenage garage band: "Solstice" - not the oat part. :)

Strawberry Margarita

Strawberries, lime zest, and yes, tequila and triple sec add up to the unmistakeable flavor of this summer cocktail. Rain or snow, sunny or overcast, a little sunshine in the form of a cookie is never a bad thing! A Unique Sweets / Food Network selection.

Sunny in Seattle

This is a cookie that has it all – dark bittersweet Callabaut chocolate, almonds, dried apricots, and espresso. While the ingredient list might sound odd to the uninitiated, it is an immediate hit with anyone who tastes it: sweet, tangy, deep, bright, chewy, and yes, delicious.

Twisted Lemon Poppyseed

While living in Germany as a kid, I developed a thing for poppy seeds. The classic combination of lemon and poppy seed, with the mellow undertone of sour cream makes for a light, delightful cookie. So what's the twist? A bit of crystallized ginger adds just the right zing.

Uber Doodle

I am amused that the word 'uber' is cropping up in the English language. It totally works for this cookie though - it is an over the top, wonderful kind of Snickerdoodle. Dried blueberries, almonds, and mini chocolate chips, rolled, of course, in cinnamon sugar, and topped with the tiniest bit of fleur de sel. Its chewy, crunchy, salty, sweet. Uber delicious!

Utility Lemon

Funny name, yummy cookie. Kind of the swiss army knife of a cookie, you can use it in so many ways. Its long and super crispy, crunchy, flecked with bits of white chocolate, perfect for scooping up yoghurt, pairing with fruit, dunking in tea. I wonder what you'll do with yours......

Vanilla Bean Lucy

Chewy from almond paste and very vanilla – y, Vanilla Bean Lucy has been a quick seller from day one. Perfect for the connoisseur who knows that vanilla is anything but plain.

Walnut Butter Crunch

These little cookies don't look like much; not exactly a wallflower but no stunning beauty either. But, and this is a big BUT, in the flavor department, they sing. Toasted walnuts, butter, and brandy form a simple dough which is then rolled directly into a big pile of raw sugar. The sugar becomes deeply embedded in the cookie, giving it crunch and a wonderful sandy texture; a sophisticated little nibbler to accompany your afternoon tea or after dinner port.

White Chocolate Chunk

A buttery, slightly crisp but still chewy cookie. The chew comes from ground coconut; the flavor is all butter, white chocolate, a hit of rum, crystallized ginger, and almonds. Hand chunked Callabaut white chocolate sets this cookie apart from the overly sweet mall cookies.


Did you know that Hagen Daz's second most popular flavor (after vanilla) is dulce de leche? YoYo Mama is a cute little sandwich cookie filled with a luscious dollop of silky, seductive dulce de leche. Due to the labor requirement, you'll only catch this one at holidays so don't miss out!

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