A few days ago I had the spontaneous experience of doing yoga with thousands of people at Red Rocks while Michael Franti played an acoustic concert. How did this come about? My sister called to say that this event was taking place, did I want to go? My initial reaction was typical: "I'm busy. I have to work." Thank goodness that before I could hang up the phone some little angel whispered into my ear "do something different". I immediately agreed to meet my sister, Kym, at the Rocks. What transpired was nothing short of exceptional, amazing, uplifting, joyful. I had no idea what to expect when I arrived but long story short: Michael Franti performed for a packed amphitheater of yogis while we moved and grooved through our asana practice. How does this tie into cookies you ask? As I walked to work today I was thinking about how Michael Franti had succeeded in infusing an astounding number of people with his vision of a joyful existence in just an hour of yoga practice. He truly changed our experience of life. Then I realized that my cookies are the music that I bring to the world. The cookie message is (extended) "Amazing Cookies for Amazing People), (edited) and most importantly: "You are Amazing". Every single person is, simply by being alive. And each person, every single one, has something amazing to share. It doesn't have to be what you do for work and you don't have to be a world class artist to touch people. I truly believe that every person's actions and intentions are affecting the whole of the universe. What do you bring to the table of life? What do you want to contribute? I hope that each of you realizes how truly unique your gifts are and are willing to share them with the rest of us!! Bring on the love!!!!!