5280 Magazine's Best Cookie in Denver

YAY!!!!!! 5280 Magazine has once again declared VLC as the best place to buy a cookie in Denver. In 2010, 5280 chose the Lemon Lucy and Sunny in Seattle as their faves. This year they've singled out Lavender Blueberry Shortbread and Apricot Pistachio Doodle. All yummy to be sure but there's new things cookin' since they last did a taste test in the bakery. The Uber Doodle has replaced the AP - almonds, mini chocolate chips, and dried blueberries. The Lavender Blue. Short is still on the menu but sharing space with the Thyme, Lemon, Black Pepper Shortbread which I love! Also lots of experiments involving lime and mint. So, get into the bakery to see what's new as well as our classics (you know chocolate chip and oatmeal raisin and ginger are never going away!) and THANK YOU Denver and 5280 for the support!!!!

Father's Day Cookie Love

I have a fun, delicious menu planned for your Father's Day weekend celebration. I'd love to sit here and spin you a story about each one but alas, time is short and I know you all want to know what you can plan to gift you dads so here's the scoop: in addition to our usual lineup, we will have Ginger Peach Boozy Balls, Sea Salt Brownies, Thyme Lemon Black Pepper Shortbread, and Uber Doodles. Also, I know that ice cream is popular for dads at Fathers Day and I want to point out that we have a fabulous ice cream shop up the street (Sweet Cow) with fun flavors that could be squashed in between a couple of VLC cookies for a unique and exciting ice cream sandwich. I'm personally planning on grabbing a bag of Ginger cookies and heading up there in the hopes of Peach or Plum ice cream. I can already taste it!!

Spring in Denver translated into cookies.

If you've ever spent time in Denver you may have heard the saying "if you don't like the weather, wait a few minutes." This week is a perfect example. Yesterday we were all walking around in shorts and t-shirts. Today our world is covered in snow, and our bodies in winter coats. Spring is trying to break through but the tulips and lilacs that were in bloom are now soggy, bent over. Cookie-wise we are kind of in the in-between as well. While I raced ahead to Lavender Blueberry Shortbread in my eagerness to embrace Spring, I couldn't quite let go of the roasty toasty comfort of Chocolate Hazelnut, a much more wintery flavor to be sure. So, like the weather, if you don't see what you are looking for on the front counter today, wait a bit and you may find that your dream flavor is only a snowflake away.

Easter at Victory

My friends tell me that "Easter is a cute holiday", meaning, you (I) have to put something darling on the front retail counter for the cookie customers. Ok, well, I'm more into flavor than cute but I can put out when I have to. So, come by this weekend and see what Peter Cottontail has going on. I think you'll find your cute. And for those of you whose only real question/concern is "will you have Booty Bars?", the answer is yes. Booty Bars with little bunnies on them. Now that's cute.

This week's Kristy's Pick

Spoiler alert! If you want to be surprised by what you receive in Kristy's Pick, read no further. If however you want to know what goodies await you, read on. For the week of April 14th - 20th, Kristy's Pick will include Chocolate Hazelnut Shortbread, Ginger, Crazy Lady, and Diablo. Chocolate and spice and everything nice for Easter!

St. Pat's Weekend

There's a whole lot of drinking - cookie-style - happening this weekend. In addition to the Strawberry Margarita (tequila) and Black Velvet (peppermint schnapps) and Mom's Addiction (Kahlua), I've got some special goodies at the front counter. On Saturday we'll have Boozy Balls - my take on Bourbon Balls. I've got one made with Tin Cup, one made with Leopold Bro. Rocky Mountain Peach Whiskey, and one made with Boulder Shake, a very chocolatey beer. In addition, on Sunday and Monday, we'll have Milk Stout Brownie featuring Left Hand Brewing. For those of you who would prefer to skip your alcohol quota, I've made Green Tea Pistachio Shortbread. There is a limited supply of all of these so call before you come if you are making a special trip. Thank you and have a fun and safe weekend!

Calling all fans of Veronica Mars and Snickerdoodle cookies.

I have to admit that before yesterday I had never heard of Veronica Mars. Not being a TV watcher I have missed out on the excitement surrounding the return of this teenage sleuth to the big screen. But my ignorance didn't stop Warner Bros pictures from contacting Victory love + cookies to partner up to bring Snickerdoodles to the VM fans. I don't have the coveted movie tix in hand yet (they are sending them via FedEx) but starting next week, fans can come into the bakery, purchase Snickerdoodles (the cookie of choice for Veronica fans) and receive a pass to the movie. This offer will run for a week - starting March 10. Here's your movie trailer teaser: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wq1R93UMqlk Now all you need are your cookies. See you soon!

Cookies are hugs you can eat.

I love Valentine's. Not for the red roses, the heart shaped candy boxes, or the teddy bears, although I do have a fondness for the little bitty heart shaped candies with the messages on them that we'd get as children. What I love is simply the LOVE of the day. I like to think that it is a day that, even if we haven't taken the time to say it or show it in some time, we tell our family and friends we love them. We may not say "I love you" to everyone we meet but maybe we are kinder, more open and available for connection. And if you are one of those folks who have a hard time expressing yourself, cookies are an excellent, edible hug - a sweet, cozy, warm hug at that. On Friday we will have Lavender Shortbread with dark chocolate and blueberries, Booty Bars, Strawberry Margarita, Black Velvet to inspire your inner Valentine. Reach out and cookie someone!

And a happy new cookie year to you!

2013 was wildly, delightfully busy for VLC. From the time the Cooking Channel broadcast Victory love + cookies on their show Unique Sweets in January, and then Food and Wine awarded VLC as having the best chocolate chip cookie in the nation, we have been a busy bunch of cookie monsters. When Unique Sweets initially aired I was still a one woman business - and as they said in the show I "work hard for my cookie". I did, and I still do. But now I am excited to report, I have embraced the help of some very talented individuals who bring their own gifts to the cookie business. It is by allowing for help that we can reach out to so many more of you all - our customers! This January, I am starting the year with a staff of three. What will 2014 bring? I don't know but I bet its going to be amazing!

Holiday Cookie Orders

Ok, here's the good news: you came, you saw, you ordered, you are happily checking gifts off your holiday list. YAY!! The not so good news for those of you who got behind or waited: I've reached my cookie order limit. As a small artisan shop I can only produce so many cookies and that number has been reached. How many do you wonder? Well, the biggest single order was 133 dozen (!), followed by 64 dozen, so as you can see, I can rock some cookies. And be rest assured that even if you didn't get your order in, you can still buy cookies at the retail counter. Thank you everybody and happy holidays!

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