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5280 Magazine's Best Cookie in Denver

YAY!!!!!! 5280 Magazine has once again declared VLC as the best place to buy a cookie in Denver. In 2010, 5280 chose the Lemon Lucy and Sunny in Seattle as their faves. This year they've singled out Lavender Blueberry Shortbread and Apricot Pistachio Doodle. All yummy to be sure but there's new things cookin' since they last did a taste test in the bakery. The Uber Doodle has replaced the AP - almonds, mini chocolate chips, and dried blueberries. The Lavender Blue. Short is still on the menu but sharing space with the Thyme, Lemon, Black Pepper Shortbread which I love! Also lots of experiments involving lime and mint. So, get into the bakery to see what's new as well as our classics (you know chocolate chip and oatmeal raisin and ginger are never going away!) and THANK YOU Denver and 5280 for the support!!!!


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